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Alpha3D launches text-to-3D-model AI shoe generation

23 March 2023 · Alpha3D Team

Team Alpha3D are extremely excited to announce our latest AI innovation: text-to-3D-model generation. This groundbreaking technology allows users to create 3D models of shoes simply by describing them in natural language.


View the text-to-3D-model AI-generated 3D shoe in 3D or in AR here.

At the moment, we’ve only launched the natural language-based 3D modeling feature for one product category: shoes. We picked shoes as the first product category to train and test the AI on because that’s one of the more popular categories requested by our customers but also due to the volume of training data we had access to. However, we’ll be adding new categories, that we’re teaching the AI with at the moment, very soon.


The system is based on the latest advancements in machine learning, which enables the system to understand and interpret natural language descriptions. The AI then generates a 3D model of the shoe, taking into account factors such as color, material, texture, and style.


“We’re very excited to finally launch this new feature, that we’ve been working hard on in the background, to the public,” said Alpha3D CEO, Madis Alesmaa. “It represents a major breakthrough in the field of 3D modeling, and we believe it has the potential to revolutionize the way that people visualize and shape the world around us, by making it extremely fast and simple for anyone to generate 3D content, which at the moment is a massive bottleneck in the development and move to the Metaverse and introducing immersive spaces and experiences.”


The text-to-3D model generation system is incredibly user-friendly, with a simple interface that allows anyone to use it, regardless of their experience with 3D modeling software. Users simply input their text description of a shoe, and the system automatically generates a 3D model for them in real-time. The 3D models are immediately downloadable in a .glb and .usd format, meaning they can be manually modified and perfected as necessary.


One of the key benefits of this technology is its ability to save time and resources in the 3D modeling process. Traditional 3D modeling methods can be time-consuming and require specialized skills, but with the text-to-3D-model generation system, anyone can create a 3D shoe model quickly and easily.


“We believe that our technology has the potential to completely transform the way that 3D models are designed and created, and we’re excited to see how it will continue to evolve and improve in the future,” said Madis Alesmaa.


Alpha3D’s text-to-3D-model shoe generation system is now available. Sign up here to generate your first three AI-generated 3D models for free and experience the future of 3D modeling technology.