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Text to 3D model generation with Alpha3D AI

20 September 2023 · Alpha3D Team

We launched our Alpha3D beta version, which focused on 3D shoes, six months ago. And we’re extremely grateful to have had over 100,000 awesome users sign up to Alpa3D to generate 3D models with us since. Many of you have been patiently waiting for us to add new categories, and today, we’re extremely excited to announce that you can now generate any object from text to 3D model in seconds for free with Alpha3D!

Our mission, at Alpha3D, is to make 3D content generation effortless, seamless and accessible, and with the new text to 3D model generation we’re one step closer to realizing that vision.

Generating any object from text to 3D model with Alpha3D AI Model Generator

With the “Anything from text to 3D model” feature, your imagination is the only limit. Simply describe what you want to generate with a text prompt, and Alpha3D AI Model Generator will bring it to life in 3D form.



Getting started

Text to 3D Model: A New Workflow

No more restrictions, no more complexities—just pure creativity unleashed. With just a simple text prompt, Alpha3D’s AI Model Generator will automatically render the 3D model for you. Whether it’s a fantastical creature, a futuristic vehicle, or a historical landmark. If you can describe it, you can create it.

This feature is designed to inspire and empower anyone working with 3D models, regardless of their 3D modelling skills.

How to generate 3D models from text prompts with Alpha3D AI Model Generator:

  1. Sign up or log in to Alpha3D. Your first 50 models are on us!
  2. Navigate to “Add a new project”: Select “Anything (text to 3D)” in the Category dropdown.
  3. Describe your vision: Write a text prompt describing what you want to generate in 3D and hit the “Generate” button.
  4. Watch it come to life: Alpha3D’s AI Model Generator will render the 3D model for you automatically in a few seconds.
  5. Download and deploy: Download the model in glb and usd format. And use it with any compatible XR visualization platform or environment.


Share your creations with us

text to 3d model generation ai

We believe that creativity thrives when it’s shared. Therefore, we’d love to ask you to tag us in your social media posts, and let’s show the world what you’ve created. You’ll find our social media handles in the footer 👇